Denon Pro Speaker Lectern

The Denon Speaker Lectern is your all in one, plug and play solution.

This lectern features a speaker array, capable of reaching the crowd.

It comes with a flexible gooseneck microphone, multiple inputs for your devices and a USB-powered reading light. 

Charging sockets are included, along with extra AC outlets to keep your devices ready to go, eliminating the need to run extra cables.

Colour Options

Choose your podium colour.



Height - 48"
Speaking Surface Width - 25"
Speaking Surface Depth - 15"
Frame Depth - 5"
​Weight - 45lbs

Base Features

Base Features

Standard Features Include:
- Slim XLR Gooseneck Condenser Microphone
- USB Powered Gooseneck Reading Light
- USB ports
- AC Ports
- Rubberized Speaking Surface

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